The traditional Friction Machine has improved and developed a lot in the last 10 years in fact most systems use new-generation foam washing materials instead of cloth. This material resists water absorption and is spun at a much higher speed than traditional tunnel cloth mitters.

Therefore, a friction automatic requires a car wash detergent formulated for high lubricity in order to clean better, be safer on the vehicle surface and reduce the chance of the material grabbing trim and edges.

Higher lubricity chemicals also keep the brushes cleaner, which enhances life span and cleaning effectiveness, and clean better when utilizing reclaim systems since they will dissolve more particles in water.

Slipstream have developed a range of friction soaps that promote optimal rinsing ensuring they rinse off quickly and easily.  Friction automatics also have fewer blowers than a tunnel, so require faster-acting, better-rinsing drying agents specifically developed for this application which are highlighted in the table below.

Product Name Description
A1 Cleaner A1 is used in Automatic Carwash machines. Our leading friction cleaner and lubricant enabling easy efficient cleaning on friction machinery. The product of choice for the world’s leading car wash equipment manufacturers including Ballenger, Ryko, Washtec to name a few. The A1 product is recyclable
A2 Shampoo A2 is to be used on the 2nd pass and is a specifically designed shampoo product offering supreme lubricity. A2 uses high grade surfactants enabling the friction process to be smooth and efficient, A2 ensures agitation is cleaning.
Aqua Foam Ultimate Aqua Foam Ultimate is a premium rinsing foaming detergent designed for tunnel wash and roll over systems. Produces a thick rich blue foam that offers excellent lubricity. Also available in Clear, Red and Yellow. pH Neutral.
Rinse Gloss Rinse Gloss is a premium beading/drying agent used in all styles of car wash machinery. Speed Bead comprises of a natural high gloss beading agent.
Slipstream 30 Slip Stream 30 is sprayed onto paintwork. As it cures it forms a film. Repels dirt and contaminants in the atmosphere. Contains Carnauba Wax to give an unrivalled protection system . Protects your car for 30 days.