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Welcome to SlipStream

Slipstream is a brand of car wash and car detailing products designed and developed for the car care industry including commerical car wash’s, car dealerships, car detailer’s.

The Slipstream range is comprehensive and includes many unique product lines that add value to your business and the consumer.

SlipStream products have been successfully proven across the extreme ranges of climatic conditions in Australia. From monsoonal rain in Cairns and Darwin, to dry desert conditions near Ayers Rock and Port Headland to the freezing temperatures of Canberra and the Blue Mountains. Slipstream products are successfully used around the world. The SlipStream logo and branding are quickly becoming one of the most recognizable marks in the carwash industry, and welcome sign of quality for the car-washing public. SlipStream products are also manufactured and available through our distributors in the USA. The SlipStream range offer’s waxes, polishes, sealants and car wash chemicals that are new, innovative and perform beyond expectations.

Fuze Flex Titanium

Fuze flex can be used in Touch Free to give unrivalled touch free cleaning ability, ensuring you remove the hardest organic

Aqua Foam Polish

Aqua Foam Polish is a premium rinsing foaming detergent designed for tunnel wash and roll over systems.

Slipstream 30

Slipstream 30 is a Premium Protective Sealant. It is applied directly to the vehicle’s surface through a rinse arch or foaming stick.

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