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Slipstream 30

Slipstream 30 is a Premium Protective Sealant. It is applied directly to the vehicle’s surface through a rinse arch or foaming stick.

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Slipstream 60

Slipstream 60 is applied during the towel drying process. This foaming hand wax adds an extra durable shine to all vehicle surfaces.

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Wheel Bling

Slipstream Wheel Bling is easily applied with a hand or pressurized sprayer. It repels break dust and other road contaminants

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Slipstream XFactor

X Factor polish is a premium carnauba wax polish with UV inhibitors, slick gloss polish and paint protection.

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Slipstream Air Care

Slipstream Air Care will treat odours throughout the cabin and right through the air-conditioning system, removing mould

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Ultimate Paint Sealant

Slipstream UPS provides quality paint protection and comes with a 12-month guarantee.

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Slipstream Medimax

MEDIMAX is an interior dis-infecting, sanitisation treatment with a phenomenal wide spectrum germ kill ability.

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