SlipStream self serve chemicals are safe, effective and and pleasant to use, with rich foams and pleasant fragrances that keep your customers coming back time and time again. The products are based on the following four pillars to ensure the ultimate customer experience takes place:

  1. Cleaning ability
  2. Fragrance
  3. Vibrant Colour’s
  4. Strong Foam



Product Name Type Description
Self Serve Presoak S1 – hydroxide free presoak Extreme Presoak – double strength hydroxide free presoak with mint perfume and free rising blue indicator dye
Self Serve Tyre and Engine Cleaner S2 – alkaline pre-treatment with solvent cleaners to remove brake dust and grease Extreme Tyre Cleaner – high strength alkaline tyre cleaner with green foaming action.
Self Serve Bug Cleaner Citrus – multi purpose detergent/degreaser with natural plant oils to dissolve organic contaminants Extreme Bug Cleaner – heavy duty detergent/degreaser with orange perfume and insect solubilisers.
Self Serve High Pressure Soap S3 – mid strength, alkaline high foaming presoak Extreme HP Soap – double strenght, alkaline high foaming presoak with purple free rinsing foam action
Self Serve Foam Brush S4 – foam creating detergent Illum Banana – dense foam creating pH neutral detergent with banana perfume and bright yellow foam
Self Serve Splatter Foam Wax   Aquafoam Polish – red/blue/yellow pH neutral heavy foaming detergent with UV inhibitors and gloss stabilisers
Self Serve Spray on Wax Watershield – orange coloured beading agent Slipstream Self Serve – premium beading and drying agent, with free-rinsing red indicator dye and carnauba wax emulsion