The Slipstream brand and product range allows for your car wash site to add incremental profit without extra labour, whilst giving your customers a unrivaled wash experience and enabling them to enjoy their vehicle more. The most popular Slipstream Profit Center Range of products includes the following:

  • Slipstream 60: Slipstream 60 is a 60 day  UV protection that can be applied to the vehicle before the towel off process this allows for no extra application labour in removing the product. Slipstream 60 sits perfectly in between the gap with hand or machine wax service and your top wash, it is also very quick to apply and has increased sites profitability by more than 30% per vehicle. Slipstream 60 is carnuiba based, highly visual for the ultimate customer value and can be used on glass, rubbers as it is streak free. It adds depth and clarity to the treated vehicles paint system.
  • Air Care: Air Care is a single shot air conditioning treatment that takes 2 minutes to apply, simply place the can in the vehicle set the air conditioner to recycle and let the can off. Air Care then gets into the air conditioner and eliminates harmful bacteria and fungus. Air Care comes in many pleasant fragrances and is also an odour eliminator.

Please click on the videos below to see how easy these products are to have at your wash:

Slipstream 60

Air Care

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