Please contact us for details on our customers so you can hear first hand how the Slipstream range performs, we have compiled a short testimonial video below for you to view as well as some written testimonials.

‘Do yourself a favour and see with your own eyes how magnificent the products from Australia under the Brand Name SLIP STREAM perform!’

My name is Jeff Coplin and I have been in the full service carwash and detailing business since 1996. When put to test, the guys in my detail shop said they liked SLIP STEAM waxes and polishes the best. They are user friendly and come off easily without leaving white residue on the black trim. We use Gold Wax for our $49.99 Hand Wanx, Blue Wax when we need both a polish and a wax and X Factor for the longest lasting protection (12 months) when we perform a clay, polish a wax for $150.00.

To boost your carwash sales, we use SLIP STREAM 60 as a part of a wash at $39.99 which provides 60 days of protection. We quadrupled our carwash sales at the $39.99 price point! The labour needed is maybe 20 seconds to walk around the car and spray it on the wet car before you dry it. The shine is brilliant and the windows and the body. I like that there are no mechanical carts to break down and the can is the size of a beer so it is easy to place a can at each point you finish cars.

For interior steam cleaning we use their citrus product which you can cut with water 20 to 1. I invite you to call me if you have any questions or come by the carwash anytime and observe these great products in action.

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