Express and full service tunnel washes are dominating the car wash industry. Using a combination of good chemical chemistry is paramount to enable the tunnel to work effectively and efficiently  producing high car counts per hour. A tunnel wash will benefit greatly from matching the correct chemicals to the process which Slipstream have developed through the last 25 years of chemical manufacturing.

Product Name Description Application Tip Size Alkaline/Acid Application
One Step Powerful Pre-Soak, surfactant based and offers a one step cleaning solution. Pre-Soak, Tyres and Wheels, Engines. Dark Brown Alkaline Touch Free, Tunnel
Low Ph Acid based pre-soak used for two step cleaning process. Low Ph will remove all in-organic matter Pre-Soak Purple Acid Touch Free, Tunnel
Carbon 7 Alkaline wheel cleaner designed specifically to remove hard to clean wheels especially the european brands. Wheel Cleaner Dark Brown Alklaine Touch Free, Tunnel, Detailing
Citrus Blast Citrus based product developed and designed for bug removal especially in the mid west of USA. Bug Remover Dark Brown Alklaine Touch Free, Tunnel, Friction Machine,Detailing
Aqua Foam Polish Aqua Foam Polish is a premium rinsing foaming detergent designed for tunnel wash and roll over systems. Produces a thick rich blue foam that offers excellent lubricity. Also available in Clear, Red and Yellow. pH Neutral. Triple Shine Aqua Alklaine Touch Free, Tunnel, Friction Machine
Slipstream 30 Slip Stream 30 is sprayed onto paintwork. As it cures it forms a film. Repels dirt and contaminants in the atmosphere. Contains Carnauba Wax to give an unrivalled protection system . Protects your car for 30 days. Comes in nice Berry fragrance. Drying Agent and Wax Pink Not Applicable Touch Free, Tunnel, Friction Machine.
Lavor Wax Carnubia wax designed and developed to coat the vehicle whist being highly visual and comes in nice berry fragrance.       Touch Free, Tunnel
Express Tyre Shine Designed and developed to be used in automated tyre shine machines, silicon emulsion based allowing for flick free finish and superior gloss shine. 100% active giving you a cost effective and extremely efficient tyre shine.       Touch
Fuze Flex Titanium Fuze flex can be used in Touch Free to give unrivalled touch free cleaning ability, ensuring you remove the hardest organic and in organic road grime.       Touch Free, Tunnel Range